Sixers GM Upset About Joel Embiid Dancing Shirtless at Concert With Injured Knee (Video)

The Philadelphia 76ers love to be secretive when it comes to Joel Embiid's health, but at what cost. Fans were confused after seeing Embiid hit the stage with Meek Mill on Friday night, even after missing 12 of the teams previous 13 games with a knee injury. It didn't help that the 76ers chose to reveal that Embiid has a torn meniscus in his knee, after video of Embiid dabbing shirtless had already gone viral. Sixers president Bryan Colangelo is not thrilled, and was critical of The Process. “It’s not the best thing to see when you wake up on ... Read More

Shirtless Embiid Hit The Stage With Meek Mill & Shows Off Dance Moves (Video)

You have to trust 'The Process' -- even if that means your injured, franchise center hitting the stage with Meek Mill. Joel Embiid was the life of the party on Friday night at the Meek Mill and Friends concert at the Wells Fargo Center. The 76ers center hit the stage and shed his shirt while he danced, dabbed and shut the building down. Embiid has missed 11 of the past 12 games with a knee injury, but it's still a process. Meek Mill just called Joel Embiid onto the stage to dance to Future's Wicked and he took his shirt ... Read More

Draymond Green on Cursing Out KD to Motivate Him (Video)

I knew what the deal was, from the moment I saw the video. Kevin Durant didn't come all the way to Golden State to have blowups with teammates that he never had in Oklahoma City. He's also never had a teammate like Draymond Green. Durant signed with the Warriors, in part, to have an enforcer like Green protect him and have his back. Part of that protection, is Green using mind games to help toughen up Durant, while emphasizing that he's only trying to help him. According to, Green's sideline argument with Durant was all apart of the plan. ... Read More

Twitter Reacts To Matthew Dellavedova’s New $160 “Delly 1” Signature Shoe

There's no shade here from me, because the Bucks point guard is laughing all the way to the bank. With that said -- almost $160 for those -- will be the punchline for the next few weeks. The former Cavaliers guard inked a four-year $38 million contract and signed a shoe deal with Chinese shoe company Peak. The company put their money where their mouth is -- blessing Dellavedova with his first signature shoe, the Delly 1s. Twitter reacts to everything, and Delly's first shoe -- which cost more than Kobe's -- was front and center. Flip ... Read More

Under Armour CEO on Trump Being A Real Asset For The Country

It'll definitely be interesting to see where this comment leaves Under Armour standing within the masses, after Kevin Plank basically put his foot in his mouth, by co-signing the new president. Plank, the longtime Under Armour CEO, is in the news after praising President Donald Trump in an interview with CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report" on Tuesday. "To have such a pro-business president is something that is a real asset for the country," Plank said. "People can really grab that opportunity." Plank was responding to a question from CNBC anchor Scott Wapner on the CEO's involvement in Trump's Manufacturing Jobs ... Read More

Martellus Bennett Eloquently Breaks Down Why He’s More Than Just an Athlete on Twitter

And some of you always thought Martellus Bennett was just some mercurial guy, who just happened to make it to the NFL. For years, especially during his early days with the Cowboys, Martellus Bennett was known more for his goofy antics, than catching touchdown or speaking deeply about social issues. With age, maturity and a Super Bowl ring, comes growth and perspective, so After the Patriots' Super Bowl parade, Bennett took to Twitter to share some wisdom and inspire other. Bennett went hard in the paint, breaking down why he thinks the way he does, how he's more than an ... Read More

Welterweight Boxer Ed Brown Dies From Gunshot Wound to The Head (Video)

Another tragic and senseless murder has claimed the life of rising boxer, and Chicago native, Ed Brown. Brown, a fast-rising 25-year-old Welterweight prospect, died on Sunday, one day after being shot in the head, manager Cameron Dunkin confirmed to ABC Chicago. "He lost his life at 25 years old for nothing." Dunkin said. "Those people in Chicago shoot you for no reason. It'd be different if he was out there gang banging or running around or dealing drugs. He wasn't doing any of those things. He was such a quiet kid. He was so bashful. You'd never know how tough ... Read More