Giants Prince Amukumara Cries While Taking Hot Wings Challenge (Video)

amukumara This is absolutely insane, and I can't even judge Prince for breaking down. New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukumara sat down with First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenge -- to talk Roger Goodell over some hot-wings. In addition to weighing in on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s $44 million salary and whether athletes should be suspended for marijuana use, the genial bone-crusher revealed a few surprises—including the fact that he shares the same pastor as Justin Bieber, and once beat him at NFL 2K. Check out the video to see if Prince made it.

Rick Ross to 50 Cent: “You Went From Get Rich Or Die Trying To Bankrupt” (Video)

rozay 50 Cent is known for ending careers, but Rick Ross has done more than survive since their beef started, he's flourishing. Rozay is making the rounds on the interview circuit, and has made it his business to tap 50 Cent every chance he gets. during his stop on the Angie Martinez show, Ross made light of 50's recent financial troubles, highlighting his bankruptcy. "There's holes in your roof, fam," Ross said after asking if Jay Z or Diddy would ever consider filing for bankruptcy. "Get rich or die trying, and now you bankrupt," Ross continued. 50 Cent filed for ... Read More

Stedman Bailey Tweets That He Was Fined For ‘Nap’ TD Celebration

stedman bailey
In the NFL's defense, Stedman would have bee cool had he not used the ball. The Rams wide receiver sent out and then deleted two tweets earlier, confirming that he was fined by the league for using the ball as a prop in his celebration. Ahhhhhh #NFL Fines suck!!!!! I meant no harm by what I did... Smh — STEDMAN BAILEY SR (@iamSB3) October 7, 2015 How u sign up for go fund me? Lol this is bogus man! — STEDMAN BAILEY SR (@iamSB3) October 7, 2015 Or at least that's how head coach Jeff Fisher explained it. "He used ... Read More

Bill Belichick On Weeden Making All The Throws Romo Can

Bill Belichick is trying to gas Dallas Cowboys fans up, but Brandon Weeden has enough tape out for no one to be fooled. The Patriots legendary head coach wants you to believe that despite the Cowboys missing Dez Bryant and most importantly Tony Romo, Dallas is still just as dangerous. Belichick believes Dallas will be fine because they haven't switched things up on offense. He attributes that to Weeden being able to make the same type of throws that Romo does per NESN. “I don’t think they’ve changed their scheme a lot,” Belichick said. “They’re a game-plan team. They change ... Read More

Report: Odell Beckham Fined $9K For Throwing Punches at Bills Players

The Giants wide receivers are getting hammered right now. Odell Beckham Jr. was fined $9,000 for his actions in Sundays win over the Buffalo Bills. We can assume it's for Beckham throwing haymakers. Several Buffalo Bills players alleged Beckham Jr. threw punches during the matchup between the teams Sunday, calling him a "prima donna" and a "golden boy." afterwards. Beckham Jr. was never penalized for his actions.

FanDuel Bans Employees From Playing Daily Fantasy For Money

Well duh, 'Price-is-Right' employees can't come on down. Daily fantasy sports site FanDuel announced Wednesday that it has permanently banned its employees from participating in any daily fantasy sports betting, according to Reuters. FanDuel also finally banned employees of rival companies from playing fantasy games on its site. “We have permanently banned our employees from playing any daily fantasy games for money, on any site,” FanDuel said in a statement. “We will also require all customers to confirm that they are not an employee of any other third party fantasy site, and if they are, they will not be allowed ... Read More

Victor Cruz’s Fiancee Group Texted Over 200 of His Chicks After He Sent Out Nudes Of Himself

The fallout from Elaina Watley, fiancee of Giants star Victor Cruz, sending a group text to his side-pieces is just beginning. "Hello ladies, this is Elaina - Victor Cruz's fiance. You all know about me and I seem to be the topic of conversations with Vic. I'm sure he's told you many of [the] things about us and how we don't exist, but given the fact that you all meet him in hotel rooms only, we all know that's a lie - just as he tells me you all are whores and mean nothing to him... I figured since you ... Read More