Email From Saints Snitch Mike Cerullo Is Revealed In Latest Vilma Brief

Earlier today, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma filed a new brief advocating the reasons for why former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue should be removed from the hearings regarding the Bounty Appeals.

Pro Football Talk has a copy of that brief, and in it is the infamous email from former Saints assistant coach Mike Cerullo that got the ball rolling on Bounty Gate.

“So I have info on Saints Joe Vitt Lying to your NFL Investigators on Bounties from 2010, along with proof!!! I was there, in the cover up meetings, with players and Joe, I love the NFL and want to work there again, but I am afraid if I tell thge [sic] truth I will never coach again in NFL, But I was fired for a situation that the Saints encourage,” the email reads, according to the website. “All I want is a Job back in the NFL as a QC Coach anywhere, so If talking to you jepodizes [sic] that I will have to get back to you, but The Saints are a Dirty Organization. Contact me.”

In the message, it contained proof of what Vilma deemed a serious bias and retaliation against Vitt from Cerullo for firing him after to many unexcused absences.

In the declaration from Vilma, his counsel contends that the NFL produced the email on October 23, 2012, and they have yet to produce the NFL’s response to that email.

This case gets  sillier by the day, and an email from a scorned former Saints employee does nothing to help Goodell’s case.



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This is so stupid and unnecessary. Goodell is such a abject coward. Why couldn’t he just be honest and transparent with the NFLPA from the beginning instead of fighting with them. We all know how Goodell hates all unions. Afterall he is a die-in-the-wool Republican and they all hate organized labor and collective bargaining. He ran his mouth too much to the news media talking before thinking and having a trail by public opinion even before he supplied one stick of evidence. And this is where we are now….Goodell is scared and had to hand the strings to Tagliabue and now Paul has the dubious problem of doing what is the right thing and recind all of these assinine suspenions of all players and coaches immediatley.

wow couldn’t agree more. I think Goodell got himself into something with Bounty Gate that he can’t get out of now. He’s to prideful to admit mistake