Jacoby Jones Says Thank You Gorgeous To Michelle Tafoya After Interview (Video)

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver has had some hilarious moments this season.

After most touchdowns, Jones will offer up a new dance or something extraordinarily over the top.

Last night at the end of the Ravens vs Steelers game, Jones did something again extraordinarily over the top, but I’m not sure how many people in the media, especially  mainstream media will take it.

Jones was being interviewed by NBC Sunday Night Football reporter Michelle Tafoya and the conversation was your normal back and forth about Jones and his special team abilities.

Tafoya then tried to hype the next meeting between the two teams, when Jones rightfully so, said the Ravens first had to focus on the Chargers.

Tafoya then said “congratulations Jacoby.”

Jones responded back “thank you, gorgeous.”

I am not one to get overly sensitive about to many things.

I think Jacoby Jones was just trying to be a little funny on TV, and really don’t take the flirtatious comment to serious.

Others I know for sure, will blast Jones, call him sexist and everything else that comes with the overreaction of the 24 hr, 7 days a week news cycle.

You be the judge.

Video courtesy of USA Today.


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