Torrey Smith Says Patriots Fans Sent Rude Tweets About Brother’s Death

Torrey Smith played the game of his life against the Patriots in early September, hours after his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.

After that game a salty Patriots fan took to twitter to disrespect and insult Smith after he dominated the Pats.   Smith and the Ravens again knocked off the Patriots, this time to reach the Super Bowl, and according to Larry Brown Sports via Smith’s twitter feed, Salty Patriots fans are at again.




Again we can harp all day on how people get a huge amount of heart when they are sitting behind a screen and keyboard. Come on folks.

As fans you kind of have the right to rib at players and even take out your frustrations by calling them bums, or making fun of their hair.  Anything besides being disrespectful and making insensitive comments about a young man’s dead younger brother.

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