Barry Sanders Says Gay NFL Players Will Get Teased If They Come Out (Video)

The Super Bowl is supposed to be the platform for the two best teams in football, Hall of Fame finalist being revealed, and a week-long celebration of the NFL football season.

This week due to some dumb comments, and social awareness, gay football players have taken center stage.  Chris Culliver fired the first salvo when he made the comment, “I don’t do gays” at media day.

The topic has been talked about non stop all week and now a person you’d least expect to comment and spoken about it.  NFL legend and former Lions running back Barry Sanders was asked by TMZ is thoughts on the matter.

Sanders answered point-blank that a gay NFL player “would be teased for coming out the closet.” Sanders was asked if gay players pose a problem for the league.  “Absolutely not.”  “I don’t know that there haven’t been MANY gay players on NFL teams [in the past].”

“gay players should not be afraid to come out to their teams — but need to know that they WILL be teased in the locker rooms”

in a locker room you get teased for anything.”

“If somebody comes out, they’re gonna get teased, but they need to have thick skin and get along with their life.”

Unfortunately, I agree with Barry that regardless of what players say on camera, behind the scenes, a gay football would have to have the utmost heart and courage.

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If a gay player has made it to this echelon, no one will care about his sexuality. If he plays the game like a man he will be treated with the respect that winning brings. The public on the other hand without a personal relationship will be the real problem. Teammates adapt, the public resents what it does not understand.