Cris Carter Says Vikings Are Better Off Without Percy Harvin

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Former Vikings wide receiver and soon to be hall of famer Cris Carter has been known to speak his mind on whatever subject comes to mind.

Carter has ties to Minnesota, so of course he was going to be asked about his opinion on the Percy Harvin trade.  Carter told the Star Tribune that the “Vikings are better off without Percy Harvin.”

“I think the organization did the right thing,” Hall of Famer Cris Carter said when asked about Monday’s trade that sent Harvin to Seattle for first- and seventh-round picks this year and a third-round pick in 2014.

“I’m not surprised, given the situation with him not being happy and there being so little chance of a contract extension for the type of money he wants. So they’re better off, especially with a young quarterback, trading Percy and getting something for him compared to going through the season rolling the dice.”

Carter was also pleased with what the Vikings got back in return, which includes the #25 pick in the first round of next months draft.

“Chicago got an elite receiver in Brandon Marshall and it only cost them two third-round picks,” Carter said. “So I think the Vikings did well. And they’re able to keep their salary cap intact rather than paying $11 million to $13 million a year to a guy that you don’t know how much he’s going to play. With Percy’s style, he’s going to get hurt.

“And don’t forget, the Vikings also had a lot of success without Percy at the end of last season.”

The Vikings will definitely need to get a receiver with the one of the two first round picks they now own, and it will be interesting to see how much they are willing to spend on a wideout via free agency.

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