Video Surfaces Of Plaintiff Makini Chaka Throwing Drink On TE Fred Davis (Video)

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The whole Makini Chaka vs Fred Davis story is a lot to keep up with at times.  Two years ago in a D.C. club Ms. Chaka and the former Redskins tight end engaged in a nasty altercation.

Chaka is now suing Davis for $350,000 for throwing a drink, and a bottle on her, and also ruing her brokering business.  Chaka has reportedly moon lighted as a madam, even though her representatives deny that.

Makini has accused Davis of being a drunk, being Jealous of the Baltimore Ravens, and embarrassing her when he threw the drink on her.

Last week video of Davis throwing that drink on Makini surfaced which corroborated her part of the story.

Something interesting has happened since then. According to the Washington Post,  The Washingtonian has a video in their possession that does show Davis throw a drink on Chaka, but prior to that, it shows Makini Chaka throwing a drink on Fred Davis first as he tries to hold a conversation with her.

The Washingtonian is reporting that when Makini’s lawyers released the video, they purposely left out the first half.

“The law firm did not release the entire video, only the portion of the footage showing Davis dumping juice on and throwing a bottle at their client,” wrote Washingtonian’s Luke Mullins, the world’s foremost Fred Davis Legal Drama reporter. “The Washingtonian has obtained the complete footage, which includes an earlier exchange from the same evening in which Chaka throws a drink on Davis.”

“The earlier episode isn’t legally relevant to the action that is currently before the court,”Chaka’s lawyer wrote to Mullins, explaining further that there is no counter claim about Chaka assaulting Davis with drink, and that one drink throw does not legally justify a counter-dousing “because Davis had sufficient time to cool off before returning.”

We’ll have more details as this situation and case continues to evolve.

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