Scout’s Compare Andrew Wiggins To Vince Carter, Question His Motor

America is the land of opportunity.

So in sports we take the opportunity to build certain athletes up, so we can have the opportunity to quickly tear them down.

Such is the world Andrew Wiggins now lives in.

Wiggins, the top prep recruit in the class of 2013 didn’t disappoint in his college debut against Duke.  Wiggins has frequently been called the best NBA prospect to come out of high school since LeBron James, but now some NBA scouts are out to bring him down a peg.

According to Yahoo Sports, Wiggins has had scouts question his motor and how hard he plays recently. One anonymous scout compared Wiggins to Vince Carter recently.

“Until Wiggins learns how to play hard,” one NBA scout said, “he’s Kansas’ third-best freshman.”

“Wiggins has been advertised pretty high,” one long-time NBA scout said. “Is he that good? The jury is still out.”

While Wiggins has drawn some comparisons to LeBron James, one NBA scout said Wiggins’ “worst-case scenario” is he’s Vince Carter. Another scout likened him to Tracy McGrady.

“He’s not LeBron,” one NBA general manager said. “It’s not his fault regarding all the hype. People say he’s pretty humble. He’s a top-three pick for sure, if not No. 1.”

Said an NBA assistant GM: “He could be No. 1, but it’s not a given. He’s not overrated as much as the anointed one gets way too much attention.”

Wiggins “is not always playing hard and motivated,” an NBA scout said. “That scares people. That scares me a little. You need a gym rat, someone that absolutely loves it. It’s 82 games. It’s tough. Those guys are harder to win with than guys who love it.”

When asked if he had the same motivation concerns with Parker, Randle, Exum and Smart, the scout said: “Absolutely not.”

I don’t think Andrew Wiggins is Vince Carter, but I don’t think he’s LeBron James either.  It’s simply a wait and see game at this point.

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