Jameis Winston’s DNA Found On His Accuser’s Panties

These findings don’t make Winston a rapist, but it does confirm that he was with the women in question at some point.  And it also could make his life difficult from here on out.

According to ESPN.com, Winston’s DNA was found on his accuser’s panties.

A DNA analysis completed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Tuesday confirmed that DNA provided by Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston matched the sample taken from the underwear of a woman who has accused him of sexual battery.

According to the DNA analysis report, a copy of which was viewed by ESPN.com on Wednesday, the Florida state crime lab determined that the chances of the DNA in the woman’s underwear are a match for someone other than Winston was one in 2.2 trillion.

Again it doesn’t make Jameis guilty, but it could make life difficult for the Heisman Trophy candidate.

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