DeSean Jackson Blames Emotions For Meltdown On Sidelines (Video)

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The scene looked ugly and reminiscent of the old DeSean Jackson.

Jackson and Eagles wide receiver coach Bob Bicknell were caught on camera having some type of emotional exchange after a Nick Foles interception that was intended for Jackson.

Bicknell can be seen shouting toward Jackson as he walks by him on the sideline, and Jackson is seen screaming back toward Bicknell and then being restrained by Riley Cooper and Brent Celek and then LeSean McCoy.



Jackson really couldn’t explain the meltdown after the game, and told CSN Philly that emotions were the cause of his meltdown.

“It was just a point in the game where you’re dealing with a lot of emotions involved, and it’s one of those things that happened,” Jackson said, per Comcast SportsNet Philly.

“I cannot really discuss what happened. That’s what happened, it is what it is. At the end of the day, we lost the game. We felt very comfortable and confident that we should be able to come out here and win, we just didn’t play good enough. We didn’t play good enough to win, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.”

Jackson really should have just said I was open, he missed me, and I lost it.

“[I] felt I was open, but he didn’t see me right away,” Jackson said. “I just thought I was open. It took a little bit for the ball to get there. Big part of the game. Big turnaround. Felt I was open but wasn’t able to get the ball and make a play.”

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