Report: Clippers Biggest Threat To Sign Carmelo Anthony

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The Carmelo Anthony to L.A. rumors have resurfaced, but with a different sunny California team.

According to Hoopsworld’s Steve Kyler, the Los Angeles Clippers—not Los Angeles Lakers—are the Knicks’ biggest threat to Carmelo Anthony.

As one insider said last night after the game, the idea of Anthony leaving the Knicks isn’t talked about in the abstract around the team. It’s talked about as though it’s going to happen.

While free agency is a long way away and there is lots of basketball left to be played, the team that most fans and media peg as Anthony’s likely destination is the LA Lakers, however insiders around the Knicks and Carmelo peg the LA Clippers as more likely to land Anthony if he leaves the Knicks.

Word around New York is that Carmelo’s exit is not about if, but when at this point.

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