Terrell Owens: “Donovan McNabb Was Jealous Of Me”

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Terrell Owens was a guest on Philadelphia radio 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday and discussed a number of topics, most notably the feud with Donovan McNabb that led to his departure from Philadelphia.

Owens talked about his stint with the Eagles, Andy Reid and most importantly, his fued with former Eagles great Donovan McNabb.

Owens told Angelo Cataldi that he felt McNabb was jealous of how the city embraced him and loved him.

“I think he felt kind of slighted at how honestly, at probably the way the team, well actually the city, just embraced me while I was there considering when he got drafted they [Eagles fans] didn’t want him there and things like that,” Owens said. “And then when I came there and I played so well—I wasn’t trying to take away from Donovan’s limelight or anything.”

Owens went on to say that he thinks McNabb got “annoyed” when fans would chant “T.O.” after he scored a touchdown. He also thinks McNabb took it personal when reporters questioned how the Eagles would win the Super Bowl without a healthy Owens.

“Main questions they asked him was ‘Are you guys gonna win, can you guys win without T.O?’” Owens told Angelo Cataldi. “I think [McNabb] kind of got upset and annoyed at the fact that he felt his skills were kind of being undermined as one of the reasons why they got to the Super Bowl.”

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