Chris Paul: “Family May Keep Carmelo Anthony In New York”

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We as journalist, pundits and fans can speculate on the future of Carmelo Anthony all we want, but LaLa Anthony really holds all the cards.

Chris Paul told the New York Post that he knows where Carmelo Anthony’s heart is, and it’s still in New York.   Paul says even though he’d love to play with Carmelo, family most likely will keep Anthony in the Big Apple.

“I know he loves it there,’’ Paul said when asked by The Post if Anthony will stay or go during All-Star weekend festivities. “His family loves it there. Most of all, he loves to play basketball there. Whatever he does, I’ll support him 110 percent.’’

Anthony has taken steps to show his commitment to the Knicks.  His acknowledgement that he’d take less to help the Knicks make moves was a big step toward ensuring he stays.

Paul says he’ll support whatever Anthony does.

“One thing I learned about L.A., it recruits itself,’’ Paul said when asked about Anthony’s interest in going west. “I don’t think I’m one of those recruiting people. Seeing the way we play and our coaching staff, all that plays a role. We have somewhere that a lot of guys want to play. Everybody is linked to Los Angeles. It’s a nice play to live I guess. ‘’

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