DeSean Jackson: Jadeveon Clowney Is Not Faster Than Me (Video)

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TMZ caught up with Phildelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson coming out of the Supperclub in L.A., and he looked like he had more than an opinion to offer.

Jackson looked wasted as TMZ cameras asked him about Jadeveon Clowney and his prospects for the the NFL.  Jackson was offended that the TMZ guy would dare question if Clowney was faster than him.

“Faster than me? I don’t think so,” Jackson said.

“I can just congratulate him for being 260 and doing his thing … but this Jackson speed right here is rollin’ on anything in the NFL … put it that way, you feel me?”

Jackson was then asked about Clowney being so athletic for a big guy.   DeSean then took a moment to compare the work Clowney puts in on the field, to the work his homies put in on the streets.

“I just need to see him get to the NFL and do his thing … the NFL is a big man sport.”

“I know he’s 260 … that fast sh*t cool … but I got homies right here that’s bigger than that, that poundin’ sh*t in the streets. So, if he gonna get on that field and pound sh*t, I can’t do nothing but respect him.”

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