Ex-Eagles Players: DeSean Jackson Doesn’t Listen To Anyone (Video)

Regardless of what anyone says, the writing is on the wall for DeSean Jackson, and it’s not looking good for him.  The speculation on Jackson’s future in Philly has been rampant for weeks and it’s not slowing down.

Longtime CSN Philly sports anchor Derrick Gunn sat down with Michael Barkann to discuss Jackson and his troubling reputation in Philly, and now around the league.

To make a long story short, Jackson is the ultimate hard head who doesn’t listen to anyone.

Barkann: Gunner, you sat down with Jason Avant yesterday and you asked him… did he play peacemaker between DeSean Jackson and [Eagles WR coach] Bob Bicknell?

Gunn: On more than one occassion, yes.Yes. And that problem with that is… DeSean Jackson doesn’t really listen to anybody. Jason Avant was probably the only guy who could get his attention. Over the last several years the Eagles have had a number of ex-players try to talk to DeSean. DeSean Jackson does what DeSean Jackson does and I think that’s eventually going to be his downfall. Not just with the Philadelphia Eagles, but in the NFL because the word is out on him. The word is out across the league on DeSean Jackson: “We don’t know if he’s the kind of guy we want in our locker room. We don’t care how talented he is.”

Derrick Gunn is right on point with his assessments.

Gone are Jason Avant and Michael Vick to keep Jackson in line.  DeSean Jackson will be one of the most tenured Eagles players on the roster, yet there’s no way Chip Kelly can depend on him to lead his team.

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