Texans Owner Bob McNair: Jadeveon Clowney Is The Best Player In Draft

The Houston Texans may choose not to draft Jadeveon Clowney, but that doesn’t mean the team’s owner doesn’t love the talented defensive end.  Bob McNair told Fox 26 in Houston on Friday that Clowney is the best player in 2014 NFL Draft.

“You take a guy like Jadeveon Clowney,” McNair said. “He’s obviously the best player in the draft, but he’s a defensive end. He’s not a quarterback. If he’s a quarterback and the best player it’s easy, but that’s not the case. So can that defensive player have a greater impact on the success of your team than one of these quarterbacks? It’s not a sure thing that he is.”

Because the Texans have so many needs and holes to fill, McNair said that doesn’t guarantee the Texans will choose Clowney No. 1.

“If somebody wants you to drop down and they give you two or three more picks that would let you get two or three more quality players, are you a stronger team dropping down a little bit, getting these additional picks and getting more depth?” McNair said.

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