Miles Austin: Half Free Agent, Half Poker Player

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver and now-free agent, Miles Austin, is still in the dark about who he’ll be playing for during the 2014-2015 NFL season.  There’s some speculation that he may end up back in Dallas, but that may all change by the time the smoke settles from all the dealings of Thursday’s NFL draft. One thing we do know is that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is planning to make drastic changes to the Cowboys’ roster in order to get the organization into an upswing following last year’s 8-8 season. Cowboys fans have their eyes set on Johnny Manziel, but with a No. 16 pick in the draft, that dream pick may be a little unrealistic. Even if they did land the Texas A&M Heisman-winner, that wouldn’t guarantee that Austin’s lackluster numbers from last season would improve.

Rather than exercise his free agency in places like Seattle and Oakland (as it’s been rumored) maybe he’s be willing to take his services to the AFC East, where a team like the NY Jets could definitely use a makeover of their passing offense. Plus, Austin would be closer to New Jersey, where he could also indulge in one of his other talents–playing poker. Two weeks ago, Austin was in Atlantic City, NJ, where he played in the WPT World Championship on a $15,400 buy in. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it past the 2nd day after going all in with a pair of fives. It’s almost definite that Austin will find himself on someone’s roster after training camp, so it’s unlikely that the fifteen grand will hurt his bank account too much.

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