Report: Vikings Looking To Part Ways With Adrian Peterson

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It probably should have happened this offseason, but I’d bet money that this will be Adrian Peterson’s final season in Minnesota.   According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report,the Vikings are looking for a way to move on from superstar running back Adrian Peterson sooner rather than later.


The Vikings are looking for ways to part with superstar runner Adrian Peterson sooner rather than later. Peterson is 29 and when backs hit 30, their production usually drops off precipitously. Backs age in dog years, and despite Peterson’s adamantium bone structure, he isn’t impervious to aging. The contract situation is also brutal. Peterson will receive a base salary of $11.75 million in 2014, then $12.75 million in 2015. In 2017, it will climb to $15.75 million

That is simply an impossible salary structure to pay a player in today’s game, where the running back position has been greatly devalued.

“My person opinion,” said one AFC general manager, “is this (coming) season will be Peterson’s last with the Vikings. Despite the cap hit, they’ll make some sort of move to get him off the roster.”

The feelings have more to do with salary cap issues, and less to do with Peterson being the best back in the NFL.  Peterson makes quarterback money, and Minnesota could wisely split Peterson’s salary among three players at more pressing positions.

 As Peterson gets older, the Vikings would need to decrease his workload.  The idea of paying $12 million a season to a running back splitting carries would be idiotic.

If Peterson’s workload has to drop, so to does his value, making the mutual split even more likely to happen.

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