Browns GM: Johnny Manziel Is Being Treated Like Any Other Rookies

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The Cleveland Browns are going to blow the Johnny Manziel experiment if they don’t learn to approach it correctly.  You drafted Manziel knowing what would come with the player.

The Browns are doing everything to turn the circus they are trying to avoid into a complete circus.

Besides limiting media access so Johnny Football mania doesn’t occur, the Browns are also doing their best to make it known that Manziel won’t have the starting job handed to him.

 Browns General Manager Ray Farmer said in an appearance on ESPN that he wants everyone to realize that Manziel has a lot of work to do, and he’ll be treated like every other rookie. 

“The guy has yet to throw a pass, he’s yet to throw a touchdown, he’s yet to do anything that’s dynamic, other than being drafted — which is a tremendous accomplishment in itself,” Farmer said.

Farmer also addressed the need for Browns owner Jimmy Haslam to declare Manziel the backup quarterback.

“It’s more about trying to treat him just like we treat all the other rookies,” Farmer said. “Give everybody an opportunity to earn their spot, demonstrate they’re worthy of playing, and and coach Pettine being the one to handle who’s actually going to get those reps. But nevertheless, we feel good about treating him the same as all the other rookies and give him an opportunity to demonstrate what his worth is on the field.”

Hopefully the Browns will understand very quickly, that Johnny Manziel is not just any rookie.

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