Report: LeBron James’ Teammates Believe He’ll Re-Sign With Heat

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The Miami Heat’s big three can all opt out and become free agents this summer.  All three are likely to re-sign with the Heat, but only one guy has everyone a little nervous.

LeBron James will have his long list of suitors, with a few teams have a better roster than the Miami Heat.  Could LeBron James really decide to take his talents to another city?

Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick is reporting that James’ Heat teammates believe he’ll stay in Miami.

Mostly, though, I’ll be surprised because some of those closest to him will be surprised. That includes his teammates, those with whom he’s spent most of his time for the past eight months, those with whom he tends to communicate most freely. They haven’t wanted to touch this topic on the record, at least not honestly and completely, but some have privately pooh-poohed—even eye-rolled—the “leaving” chatter for months. They continued to do so even after Cleveland won the lottery on Tuesday.

No, James won’t talk about his future to the prying press, from Miami, New York or otherwise, and that’s been for the best so far.

But I wouldn’t surprised if he’s said something to some of those in his locker room who seem so sure.

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