Report: Melo Torn, Undecided Over FA Decision

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The New York Daily News is reporting that star free agent Carmelo Anthony is torn and undecided about where he’ll spending his NBA future.

Reports suggest Melo is deciding between the Knicks, Lakers and Bulls, but simply is struggling to make a decision.

Carmelo Anthony is “torn” over where to spend the prime years of his career, according to a friend of the Knicks All Star forward.

Anthony, 30, is still debating his next move with the Knicks, Lakers and the Bulls as his top three choices, the source claims. Chicago is still in the running despite the fact that the Bulls, barring a sign-and-trade, cannot come close to matching the max deals the Knicks and Lakers offered Anthony last week. However, the Bulls do allow Anthony to stay in the Eastern Conference, play in the large market and join a contending team.

If it was clearly about the money, then Anthony would have already accepted the Knicks five-year, $129 million offer.  The Bulls can offer $74 over four-years, with the Lakers offering $96 over four-years as well.

Anthony could reportedly be waiting to see what happens with the Heat and their big 3.  Melo has been mentioned as a replacement for Chris Bosh.

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