Rodney Harrison Challenges Patriots To Win Another Super Bowl

The New England Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in over a decade, and one of their former leaders believes the time has come to win another one.

Rodney Harrison via Tom Curran of CSN New England says it’s time for the Pats to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.  

“You have an opportunity to play for the greatest organization on the planet,” Harrison said during Friday night’s induction of Ty Law into the Patriots Hall of Fame, via Tom Curran of CSN New England.  “How can you not come out here and get it done?  It’s not good enough to win a playoff game.  It’s not good enough to make it to the AFC Championship game.  It’s time to win a Super Bowl and everybody has to be held accountable.”

Harrison believes New England should have upgraded the defense a long time ago.

“About time! About time!” Harrison said. “For the last six years, I’ve been very disappointed, quite frankly. I take pride in this Patriots team and what Bill Belichick believes in. To see the type of guys that were on that stage [Friday night] and not see that same type of production [on the field currently]. . . . It hurt my heart to have to criticize this secondary on Sunday nights. It hurt my heart. But at the same time there has to be a certain level of accountability. You get to a point where you realize, ‘Yes, it’s nice to score points on offense, but you need a defense.’”

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Hey Rodney,
if it weren’t for YOU, we would have our 4th ring already!!!!
How many DB’s would allow a receiver to catch the ball on the side of his helmet? . . . . . . just one, YOU!!!!!!!!!, Ya Jack-ass!