Bears TE Martellus Bennett Slams Teammate During Fight (Video)

Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett may come off as aloof at times, but he’s definitely not the guy you want to run up on or pick a fight with.

Bears rookie Kyle Fuller found out the hard way after hitting Bennett with a shot that the veteran tight end didn’t appreciate.  Bennett then responded by slamming the 14th overall pick in the 2014 draft to the ground. 

Unlike Dez Bryant of the Cowboys, Bennett had no positive words for his teammate afterwards.

“I come to training camp for one reason and that’s to prepare to win a championship,” Bennett told “I play hard and go hard every single day. I’m probably one of the most violent people on the field. That’s just my style of play. I’m going to continue to play the same way I always play. That’s what I’m here for.”

“It’s practice. Practice is practice. I know I sound like Allen Iverson right now, but it’s practice,” Bennett said. “Shit happens at practice. You learn from it. That’s why it’s practice.”

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Bennett’s a loser and always will be. When he gets get he whines. when it does not go his way, he picks a fight. They would be better off to release him. When a guy makes comments like ” I can afford the fine, I am not here to make friends”, this is the guy you don’t want on a team. He is not there for the team but for himself. Guys like that are not needed, and can’t be trusted.