Julio Jones, Roddy White Aiming For 1,500 Yards Apiece

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The Atlanta Falcons have their two biggest weapons healthy and both ready to take on all comers.  Julio Jones and Roddy White both had miserable 2013 seasons, but that didn’t affect their confidence at all.

Jones and White told Fox Sports that they have what it takes to become the first teammates in NFL history to each top 1,500 receiving yards in the same season.

There ain’t no telling,” Jones told Alex Marvez of FOX Sports. “Me and Rod — 1,500, 2,000 . . . You never know what we can do out there.”

I can not see any duo putting up 2,000 yards apiece.  1,500 apiece in this day and age of offense isn’t that far-fetched.  In 1995 Lions star Herman Moore had 1,686 yards and  Brett Perriman added 1,488 yards of his own. 

In 2000, Rams receiver Torry Holt had 1,635 yards and Isaac Bruce added 1,471.   If it were to be accomplished, Matt Ryan would have to put up MVP like numbers.  

The Falcons star quarterback believes it can be done.

“I think it’s possible, absolutely,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said. “When you look at what Roddy has done historically here, he’s always been consistent. I think everybody knows what he’s capable of doing. Julio has had three really good years when he has been healthy. Last year through five games, certainly he was on pace to do that. I’m lucky to have two of the best guys and the best tandem in the NFL. I think they’re both going to have big years.”

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