ESPN Asks Ray Rice if His Wife Gave Pregame Words of Encouragement (Video)


Sal Paolantonio is the man, so we’ll chalk this one up to preseason exuberance.

After the Ravens first preseason game, Sal Pao caught up with the embattled Ray Rice. Paolantonio asked the usual standard questions, until he decided to ask Rice if his wife gave him any words of encouragement.

She always wishes me luck. And she always just says, ‘Go out there and do your job.’ That’s one thing on the football field, is that, it is my job. But this is the way I get to take care of my family. Everything that we’ve been through, that’s just something you can’t take for granted. So it was a blessing to be out here, and to get off the field healthy, but at the same time it was a great day at work.”

Paolantonio would have been better offer simply asking Rice how Janay was or how things were going in their relationship.  The question was formed to make light of Rice and the domestic violence incident that took place last year.

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