Stephen Curry: I Want To Establish Myself As The Best PG In NBA

As the Golden State Warriors tinker with different offensive wrinkles to free Stephen Curry up from all the pressure placed upon him, the smooth-shooting guard jumped right back into the fire with comments he made on CBS Sports radio this week.

Curry told CBS Sports Radio’s Morning Show that he’s trying to establish himself as the premiere point guard in the NBA this upcoming season. 

“I’m trying to establish myself as the best point guard in the league,” Curry said on The Morning Show. “That quest for a championship is something that I value highly. As an organization, Golden State hasn’t experienced that since the ’70s. Right now, I feel like we’re contending for that and have a solid window to try to get that done. So that’s my mission. Personal (accolades) will (only be) a part of that mission.”

Curry’s not that far off despite playing one of the most stacked positions in all of sports.  He’ll have to contend with the likes of Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, John Wall and Russell Westbrook to name a few.  The list loses its star power after that group I just named.

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I would say this about the list. The only one on that list that may win a title is Russel Westbrook. Your list which didn’t include Tony Parker tells us this is only an opinion.