Report: RG3 Still Alienating Redskins Teammates (Video)

Robert Griffin III may never be completely loved in the Washington Redskins locker room, and thats okay as long as he leads the franchise to victories.

Bleacher Report is reporting that RG3 is still rubbing some of his teammates the wrong way. According to the report Griffin III is still disliked in the locker room by several prominent Redskins teammates.

His inability to learn the Redskins new playbook under Jay Gruden is the main issue at hand.  Kirk Cousins has reportedly outplayed Griffin III, which has led the franchise quarterback in Washington to become a little agitated.  That agitation is being poorly received by his teammates who are questioning how hard he works at times.

This is really all just talk and speculation at this point.  Kirk Cousins has proven in limited spots that he’s not a franchise caliber quarterback, nor is he the best signal caller on that team.

RG3 may have his issues, but he definitely gives the Redskins their best opportunity to win on Sundays.

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Cousins is a solid player does not have enough snaps to prove himself. If he would have gotten drafted to be a #1 QB he would have a different game…RGIII and his father think its just them against the world…karma will fix that along with the race based dudes in the USA…Its already started..

TruthTeller may have some underline issues with black athletes….Dunno….Robert is being outplayed by Kirk Cousins, no doubt about that. By the way, I am a black man and I think the Redskins should go with Cousins early or just throw the season alway early in order to prepare for the draft. Hope and pray someone would be crazy enough to give you a draft pick for Robert. It is not about how many black QBs have won a Superbowl. How many were given the opportunities like they have today? Football is a rough, but beautiful sport. When I played(High school & Semi-pro) race never mattered and it’s only a issue to negitive people like Truthteller

RGIII needs to know that he is only one person playing one position on the team. When he runs he needs to get what he can get without being hit and get on the ground. There are other people who are capable of taking hits without being hurt. If he continues like he did Monday night he will not be playing in the 4th game.
As far as Cousins, he could be starting for several teams and would be darn good. I predict that he will take over by the 4th regular season game and finish the season as the starter.
If you think I am prejudiced, I have Black American Ancestors who were slaves and I am proud of it, even so my skin color is more Caucasian