James Harden Says He’s the Best Basketball Player Alive

Houston Rockets star guard James Harden thinks really highly of himself, so his comments shouldn’t shock anyone.  The confident shooting guard told ESPN’s Scoop Jackson that he’s the best basketball player alive.

ESPN.com’s Scoop Jackson sat down with Harden recently and asked him who the best basketball player alive is, Harden didn’t hesitate to offer up his (obviously biased) opinion.

“Myself,” he said.

“You made that sound like it was an easy answer,” Jackson then said to him.

“It is,” Harden replied. “Myself.”

Harden went on to say that he’s “still trying to catch guys like LeBron, KD, and Kobe” and also admitted that “until I get rings, I can’t say anything” regarding his skills on the court. 

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