3 Lindenwood BBall Players Arrested After One Confesses to Rape


These three idiots need to be thrown under the prison cells.

Three Lindenwood University men’s basketball players have been charged in connection with a heinous September rape of a woman.

According to St. Louis Today — Ermias Tesfia Nega, 22, and Tylan Jamon Birts, 19, were charged Oct. 14 with second-degree rape — while Bradley Newman Jr., 20, was charged with second-degree invasion of privacy. All three players are from out of state and suspended from the team per Lindenwood University.

“We are aware of the charges and are cooperating with the St. Charles Police on the matter. The three students have been suspended from the basketball team, and the university has begun its own Title IX investigation, in accordance to our procedure for sexual assault.”

In the report — Nega is accused of having conspired to encourage his other two teammates to have sex with the woman, even though she did not consent to it.

Nega was having consensual sex with the victim when he left the room and told Newman and Birts she was “ready” for sex, according to probable cause statements.

The lights were apparently off when Birts and Newman entered. The victim realized it was not Nega having sex with her and reached for the lights.

She saw Birts leaving the room and saw Newman crouched in the corner, court documents say. Newman was naked and had been watching Birts and the victim.

The victim told police that when she confronted Nega, he threatened her with shame if she decided to report the crime.

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