49ers Donte Whitner: Any Big Hit In The NFL Is Automatically A Flag

Donte Whitner is saying what we all know, but he needs to get used to the defensive rules of the NFL, because their not changing anytime sooner.

Referee’s seem to throw a flag anytime a offensive player stays down after a big hit, and Whitner, the 49ers hard hitting safety was on the receiving end of one of those flags after he drilled Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw in the flat.

Whitner of course doesn’t think it’s fair, and told CSN Bay Area that “any big hit in the NFL automatically draws a flag now.”

It was a bad call,” Whitner told CSNBayArea.com. “I guess it was a big hit. Any big hit now in the National Football League is automatically a flag.”

Replay of the hit shows that Whitner led with his shoulder and not helmet, but he has to understand that any big or vicious hit that’s borderline is probably going to draw a flag.

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