49ers OT Anthony Davis Calls Terrell Suggs A F*ckin Loser On Twitter

The 49ers and Ravens played an epic Super Bowl over two weeks ago, but that still doesn’t mean the war is over.  Terrell Suggs was on KNBR-AM in San Francisco, and was asked about the comments cornerback Carey Williams made regarding the 49ers being a “dirty team.”

Williams called the 49ers a collection of “fake tough guys” and “pretenders.”  Suggs was asked if the 49ers had any phonies on the team,  Suggs told the radio station: “They’ve got one fake tough guy,” per The Baltimore Sun.

Suggs then went on to compliment every 49ers offensive lineman on their skill set until he got to offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

T-Sizzle was not complimentary at all of Davis, and word got back to Davis pretty quickly.  Davis at that point went on an epic Twitter rant.



I truly hope these two lock up again at some point.  Always remember Suggs had three sacks and forced fumble against Davis in 2011-12.

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