Adrian Peterson Hires High Profile Attorney Rusty Hardin


Looks like Adrian Peterson is trying to prove he is innocent and prove a point at the same time.

According to via Adam Schefter Peterson has hired prominent and well-known defense attorney Rusty Hardin.

Hardin recently helped former major league baseball star Roger Clemens beat a charge of lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs to congress.

Peterson is adamant he did nothing wrong and took to twitter to plead his case.   Peterson tweeted “‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.'”

There are conflicting reports in the matter but Houston Police continue to say that Peterson was asked several time to leave the club.

Peterson was reportedly subdued after police say he pushed an off-duty officer and  “assumed an aggressive stance.”



  1. This will be a slam dunk, not problem. Rusty Hardin is nothing nice. Adrian’s going to walk, but not after backing up a Brinks Truck to Rusty’s bank ($$$). Rusty is Godzilla, the Hulk and the Alien all rolled into one when it comes to lawyers.

  2. Reply Post By lee73

    Stand your ground AP!

  3. Reply Post By samco25

    He hired a bull dog lol

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