Alabama Star Recruit Reuben Foster Photographed Sleeping In Class (Photo)

I can admit I’ve been guilty of sleeping in class a few times in my life, but at least I tried to hide it or fake it.  Alabama star linebacker commit Reuben Foster didn’t even try to hide how tired he was in class recently.

In the photos courtesy of Lost Lettermen, Foster looks knocked out in one photo.  The second one and most shocking picture shows foster standing up sleep.

I hope Foster is just trolling us, and he’s not that comfortable.  Man Nick Saban is having a terrible week.



  1. You can’t tell me he passed the course and has the grades for a college scholarship. He probably won’t graduate. He will play two years of college football, leave early for the pro draft, and then complain that minorities do not get a fair chance at an education.

    1. Reply Post By Phatharrius

      My question is, are you an old bigot or a young bigot?

  2. Reply Post By NoleWonder

    Typical for a guy named Murph. Too much talk no facts. He cannot enter the NFL draft until three years removed from high school. Find something else to post about Murph.

  3. Reply Post By insane bob

    Murph,you sound a little on the white side.I would guess these pictures were a joke,no teacher is going to let some kid sleep in the class standing up.The sooner we forget about what race people are and just see everyone as human the better off this country will be.He’s just a kid being a kid.

  4. Reply Post By Greg Collins

    All of you should quit your holier than thou act and shut up. Murph is right and you know it. Foster will be broke and living off the system. And why would you think a teacher would not allow a star recruit to sleep in class? Face reality!!! And I’m not even white!!!

  5. Reply Post By Richard "Dick" Hertz

    C’mon people these pictures are a goof…besides, a true classroom snoozer sleeps in Study Hall!

  6. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the guy makes an ‘A’ in the class. And it’s not about race. If he was a White ‘Bama recruit he’d get the same deferential treatment. I went to a high school football factory (they played in 2 state championships – winning one – in my three years there, and made the state semi-finals the other year), and even they got away with crap like this. The ones going to major college programs were treated even better…

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