Alex Collins Is Still Going To Arkansas After Dad Signs NLI, Mom Hires Lawyer

Yesterday we reported on the weird scene that took place in a Miami high school when four-star recruit Alex Collins was set to announce and sign his letter of intent to attend Arkansas.

Collins mother stole his National Letter of Intent, and disappeared with it, because she didn’t want him to go that far from home.

Just when things couldn’t get any weirder, Yahoo Sports is reporting that Collins will indeed attend Arkansas after his father signed the letter for him, but now his mother Andrea McDonald has hired an attorney.

Collins finally did have a press conference to announce his decision, and showed up wearing a camouflage jumpsuit.  He stated his mother was ok with his choice even though she declined to attend.

Alex Collins father Johnny was asked if he said anything to the mother in regard to his choice.

“Let him go,” said Johnny Collins, who added that he supported Alex’s decision. “Let him go.”

Reports are that Collins handled the whole situation maturely in spite of everything going on around him.




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