Andrew Bogut on KD Deciding to Join Warriors ‘Long Before Summer’


Kevin Durant went down to the finals moments — in deciding to bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder, for Golden State.

If you ask Andrew Bogut — KD made that decision long before the summertime free agent blitz per

“That’s part of the business,” said Bogut. “I think the deal was done long before the summer. I think it was done — obviously, K.D. didn’t make his concrete decision, but I think our organization knew for a while what was going to happen. That’s just a part of it. Andre [Iguodala] and I knew it was one of us that was going to go, and it was me. That’s part of the business. I have no gripes about it. You get a Hall of Famer — he’s going to be a Hall of Famer — in K.D. If I’m the GM, I do the same deal. That’s just the reality of the business.”

Bogut seems fine with the move — as he landed in Dallas, where he anchor the Mavs frontline, yet it’s indication that Durant would have signed the moment the Cavs championship celebration began.

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