Andrew Luck And Colts Deal Being Held Up By Endorsement Restrictions

The Indianapolis Colts are in no position to have Andrew Luck hold out.  The New collective bargaining agreement made it so the draft picks would already have their rookie deals slotted.

Reports coming out of Indy are suggesting that money is not the issue in Luck’s deal not being signed,  but marketing and endorsement language.

A report by Len Pasquarelli via The Sports Xchange indicates that the Colts having felt that Luck’s predecessor Peyton Manning was severely overexposed, want to have some say in Andrew Luck’s marketing opportunities.

The Colts reportedly have proposed an inclusion of marketing language that would allow them as a franchise to have final clearance in what marketing or endorsement proposal Luck could accept.

Another hurdle is the reported signing bonus young Luck is due to accept.   Cam Newton got exactly $14.5 in two installments in 2011.   Luck and his representatives would like that same deal but at a rate of 55% this 2012 and 45% of that money in 2013.

In my opinion Jim Irsay is playing a game he could end up losing several years from now.

No owner in this league can be bigger than its stars except Jerry Jones of the Cowboys.    Irsay is a fool if he thinks because Peyton Manning was a walking billboard that took away from his franchise.

The Colts were irrelevant in terms of a top draw before the Peyton Manning era.  So I find it hard to accept that Luck should have to take anything less because the owner is jealous of his quarterbacks earning potential.

I truly look forward to seeing how these negotiations and tactics affect the Colts signing Luck to another deal after his rookie deal is up.

That is right Jim Irsay Andrew Luck will sign another deal.

You better hope its with your team.


  1. What grounds do they have to restrict his endorsements? Is that even legal? I mean, is there any precedence for it? I’m a bit baffled.

    1. i guess according to what I read Jim Irsay felt Peyton Manning got to big for his liking. Bigger than the Colts. I guess he wants say in what Andrew Luck endorses. yes baffling

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