Angry Conor McGregor Drops F-Bombs During Interview on SportsCenter (Video)


Conor McGregor seems agitated,confused and unaware that Nate Diaz is too off to even remotely feed into his antics.

When I call Nate Diaz off — I’m not being disrespectful — but the Stockton, California native has been through too much in life to cave into McGregor’s antics.

Gone is some of McGregor’s bravado — replaced by an inability to figure Diaz out — which explains the water bottle fight at the press conference, and this angry — profanity laced tirade on SportsCenter.

Lindsay Czarniak asked Conor — “you said it’s been an educational experience, what have you learned about yourself?”

To which Conor replied, “Eh, just that… I don’t know, f*ck everything?”

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