Anonymous Eagles Player Rips Nnamdi Asomugha, Says He Would Eat Lunch In His Car For Me Time

Nnamdi Asomugha’s days in Philadelphia appear to be numbered, and it seems some of his teammates are trying to push him out the door.

Hollis Thomas is a former Philadelphia Eagle and now radio host on 94.1 WIP here in Philadelphia.  According to an unnamed source, Hollis reported on air this morning that Asomugha who is different, and a little distant, would eat lunch in his car, to gain some me time.

Obviously this report can be pointed in several different directions considering some teammates may not like Asomugha, the Eagles brass is contemplating cutting him, being as though he’s due $15 million this season, $4 million guaranteed.


  1. So what? I mean if the guy was getting way too carried away with going out of his way to be away from his team I see the point. If the guy was just going to his car for some peace and quiet for an hour or talk to his girl or something why should I care. That being said I think he is overpaid and should go. Unless the guy was a total pr!ck maybe Mr. Anonomous should stiffle it.

    1. Reply Post By thacover2

      I agree with you. If he’s just bouncing to the car for a moment it’s cool. If he did it everyday then I can see their issues. They make him sound like an extreme diva. Yea I think it’s time for him to go also.

  2. Non-issue. Nnamdi probably didn’t have much in common with a lot of the players outside of football. I’m taking lunch in my car right now!

    1. Reply Post By thacover2

      lmao I agree

      1. I dont blame him….after getting his lunch eaten on Sundays he wanted to make certain that didnt happen during the week!!

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