Antoine Walker on the Worst Purchase He Ever Made


We’ve had endless conversations about Antoine Walker’s financial hardships — ending with the former NBA All-Star blowing through a reported $100 million in earnings.

Walker was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2010 — but seems to have finally rebounded — currently working for Morgan Stanley on the behalf of NBA Players.

While discussing his partnership with the financial firm — Walker disclosed his worst purchase ever. Here’s a hint — it has to do with a car.

“I had a car fetish while I was playing,” he told SI. “I would always keep six, seven cars. If I would see a guy pull up in the lot with a new car, I would maybe say I like that and go get it.”

“Probably my Maybach,” he said. “A Maybach Mercedes Benz. At that time, they were pretty high-end vehicles. I paid like $400,000, $450,000 for it.”

For his part — Walker expressed the proper regret anytime he discussed blowing through all his cash.

“I remember when I started going through my situation,” he said. “I’m buying a house, I’m buying a Maybach—$350,000 to $400,000 for a car. That’s a home! But at least the house, it holds some value and I can maybe make some money back off of it. The Maybach, once I drive it off the lot, is worth about $250,000. That’s $100,000 gone. Money I can’t ever get back.”

It’s a deep story, but Walker has bounced back, and hopefully folks can learn from his hardships.

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