Autistic Kid befriended by FSU’s Travis Rudolph No Longer Eats Lunch Alone


Last Tuesday, a photo of FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph eating lunch with an autistic boy at a Florida middle school went viral for great and obvious reasons.

After joining Rudolph on “Fox and Friends” with his mom — Bo Paske is the toast of his middle school and all of Florida.

Oh yea — he no longer eats alone either according to the Washington Post.

“Actually, yesterday, in the cafeteria he was sitting at a table full of girls,” Leah Paske said. “He was the most popular kid in the room … he had a seat at the table full of people.”

For Rudolph’s part, he says he didn’t believe his gesture would end up this lit!

“I didn’t even recognize that it would be this big,” he said. “It just became really viral, and I just wanted it to become aware that everyone is the same, and one man can make a difference.”

Bo got a signed lunchbox, he said, and pretty much seems like the happiest middle-schooler in the country right now.

“It was kind of like me sitting on a rainbow,” he said.

It’s an awesome story and gesture, and its super dope that other kids joined Bo at the lunch table recently — but why did Rudolph — a star FSU football player — have to end Bo’s lonely streak of eating lunch alone.

It didn’t have to be the most popular kid in the school, but Young Bo Paske should have been had fellow students chilling with him and eating lunch together way before this.

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