Bears And Matt Forte Agree To Four Year Deal

Ah Chicago Bears running Matt Forte can breathe a little easier for now.

After months of clamoring back and forth and Forte wondering where the loyalty and respect was from his team, the Bears finally stepped up to the plate. via Albert Breer is reporting that Forte and the Bears have come to agreement on a four-year $32 million dollar deal.

Exact terms of the agreement were not disclosed but Forte for the time being has some security.

The Bears had until 4pm to reach a long-term deal with their workhorse back after placing a $7.749 million tender on Forte that he had no intentions of signing.

The deal comes no where close to contracts that Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson signed but does show some good faith by the Bears towards their best and most reliable player.

It’s now up to Forte to stay healthy and show the Bears that he can continue the every down production that has made him a top 5 back in the league.

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