Bob Arum on Why Mayweather-Pacquiao Rematch Would Be Different (Video)


Bob Arum is trying to sell everyone a dream, and part of that is building Manny Pacquiao up to be something we all know he’s not.

The Top Rank Boxing honcho told TMZ to not expect the same boring fight if Manny Pacquiao gets his rematch with Floyd Mayweather, claiming Manny is way better.

Arum is extremely confident MayPac2 will actually happen, and he believes Floyd’s gonna be in some real trouble in the ring.

“I think Manny looks, really, a lot better now,” Arum said.

“I think this time I give my guy Pacquiao a hell of a lot better chance.”

Of course the rematch could be the second biggest PPV fight of all time.

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