Brock Lesnar With Monster Response to McGregor’s Comments on WWE (Video)

Conor McGregor finally got the response he wanted — as Brock Lesnar responded to the UFC stars comments about WWE stars being P*ssies.

Just hours before his UFC 202 rematch with Nate Diaz — McGregor likely heard Lesnar rip him a new one — while Brock was being interviewed by Sam Roberts.

Roberts asked The Beast about Conor McGregor at an event for the WWE 2K17 game and the response was as expected.

“I take sh-ts bigger than that kid,” Lesnar said. “Come on guys. I know you guys all play f–king video games and you live in this f–king false sense of reality and sh-t. I’m 200 and f–king 90 pounds, alright, this guy is 145 pounds and that’s if he’s lucky and gets up and f–king eats his Wheaties.

“If Conor McGregor wants to say some sh-t to me and get his name out there more than he already has, by dropping my name, I got about 10 f–king words for him. Come here face-to-face Conor and say it to my face. Otherwise leave me and the f–king WWE out of it because I came to your arena and kicked ass. Now if you want and you’re so f–king tough, come to our arena and try to kick some ass.”

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