Broncos-49ers Agree In Principle On Deal For Colin Kaepernick


It appears John Elway may have convinced Colin Kaepernick that taking a paycut and joining the Denver Broncos would be the best thing for his embattled career.
According to Adam Schefter of — Denver and San Francisco have “the structure” in place for a trade involving the quarterback.

The only left to workout now, is Kaepernick’s restructure of his contract.

San Francisco and Denver have the parameters of an agreement in principle on a trade for Colin Kaepernick, sources said, but before any deal can be completed, the quarterback and the Broncos still have to agree on a restructured contract, and the two sides have not been close.

Kaepernick and the Broncos continue talking, trying to see if they can bridge their contractual differences, sources said.

Kaepernick is currently slated to make $11.9 million this season — but Broncos officials want a more cap friendly number — with the quarterback having to earn some of that money back in incentives.

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