Bucs Schiano Happy With Blounts Punctuality

A few days ago I wrote an article about Tampa Bay Buccaneers embattled running back LeGarrette Blount fighting for his roster spot because of a perceived lack of work ethic and tardiness.

The Buccaneers new head coach Greg Schiano added his opinion to the fray recently.

ProFootballTalk.com reported that Schiano told Jim Rome on Rome that he didn’t think Blount’s tardiness was that big of an issue.

“I think that probably got blown out of proportion a little bit,” Schiano said. “He probably had some troubles — I’m not really familiar with the facts — but that’s all behind us. LeGarrette has been great. We’ve had workouts here, we’ve had OTAs, minicamps, and he’s been on time for everything. It hasn’t been an issue at all and I don’t foresee that being an issue.”

Even tho the Bucs traded back into the first round to draft Doug Martin out of Boise State, Schiano insist he is confident in Blount.

“I have a lot of faith in LeGarrette,” Schiano said. “LeGarrette has bought into what we’re doing, he’s working incredibly hard, and if you watch and you see the things he does from time to time, it’s great — really great running back play. It’s just we need to put those things together consistently.”

I think Schiano see’s the potential in Blount and feels that if he makes LeGarrette comfortable then the tailback will fully buy into the system.

Blount will either buy into the system and save his career or Schiano will make an example of the troubled running back and cut him loose.

Only time will tell.


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