Bulls Prefer To Re-Sign Joakim Noah Over Pau Gasol


The Chicago Bulls have a decision to make about their big men, and it appears that they would like to re-sign Joakim Noah on a short-term deal.

Noah has been a favorite player of the city and ambassador of Jerry Reinsdorf, while being a true positive for the people of Chicago.

According to Chicago Tribune’s K.C Johnson — The Bulls are more likely to part ways with Pau Gasol this offseason and proceed with the long-time Bull Noah.

Though front-office meetings have yet to finalize the Bulls’ Plan A for this offseason, there is strong internal desire to re-sign Noah on a short-term deal. Noah long has been a favorite player and ambassador of Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. Executive vice president John Paxson drafted Noah, and their bond is genuine.

It will take work, not to mention money, to win back Noah, who disliked the false story Fred Hoiberg spread at the start of the season that he volunteered to come off the bench. He then disliked playing just 20 minutes per game and not finishing them more.

But Hoiberg had started to play Noah more before his first shoulder injury in December. And Noah remains invested enough in the team to question Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose for their silence at the April 3 team meeting, according to several people present.

Hoiberg’s bold decision to start Nikola Mirotic over Noah seemed as much to try to placate the proud veteran that Gasol is as to implement his offensive vision. That never materialized, and Mirotic didn’t seize his opportunity.

Noah was ruled out for the season after undergoing surgery to repair a dislocated left shoulder, but could be brought back for a low price.

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