Cam Newton Is Playing Intramural Basketball At Auburn (Photos)

As we reported earlier in the week, Carolina Panther and former Auburn Tiger quarterback Cameron Newton has returned to Auburn to takes steps towards earning his degree.

Newton is all with the college experience again, as he was one of the loudest cheerleaders in the student section during an Auburn victory over Alabama. 

Newton now is taking part in other Campus activities as well, such as playing intramural basketball.  WarEagleReader is reporting that Newton who takes classes three days a week at Auburn has been playing on any team that will have him in a intramural basketball league.

A team that was suppose to play in the league didn’t show up, so Newton hopped in and took part in two separate pickup games.

“A guy on my team was sitting on the bench and Kodi (Burns) walked up to him and asked if he could play with us. He said Cam will be here in a few,” says Holderfield, a senior at Auburn studying aerospace engineering. “The team we played tonight didn’t show up to play. But they played some pick up games with us.”

“He (Newton) is very good. I think he was told not to go very hard so he wouldn’t get hurt, but he was still very good. Kodi and him both.”

Kudos to Cam for being a regular student and dismissing the claims that he’s a diva or drama queen.  Cam shot that fade away like he got game.


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