Cam Newtons Says He Learned A Lot From Tim Tebow At Florida



You would think a player that is on the fast rise to prominence and displaying the potential to be the best quarterback in the NFL wouldn’t have time dish out compliments to a guy who can’t hold his jockstrap.

That’s exactly what Cam Newton did recently. is reporting that Cam Newton recently admitted that he learned a few things from Tim Tebow when both were at the University of Florida more than 4 years ago.

“There’s a lot that I’ve learned from Tim and his professionalism,” Newton said. “You know how his approach is to this game and that’s one thing everybody has to respect about him — and I certainly do.”

The two will link up again Sunday night when the Panthers and Jets meet in the third preseason.

Newton went out of his way to emphasize that every game is important and not just a meaningless meeting with against Tebow and the Jets.

“I feel as if every stage is big for us this year,” Newton said. “We have a point to prove and we have to have that chip on our shoulder each and every game.”

My how times have changed.  Four plus years ago Newton was a raw freshman, and Tebow was the man in college football.  A star of stars.

Today Newton is on the brink of making this his league, and well Tebow is Tebow.




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