Carlos Ortiz Expected To Testify Against Aaron Hernandez

The walls maybe starting to crumble around Aaron Hernandez from within.

According to the Boston Herald, one of Aaron Hernandez’s accomplices, Carlos Ortiz, is expected to testify against him in court.

A sidekick of Aaron Hernandez is cooperating with authorities in what one former prosecutor called a key development in the murder case against the ex-Patriots star, as new evidence emerged yesterday potentially tying him to the slaying of Odin L. Lloyd.

Court documents obtained yesterday show that Carlos Ortiz — who authorities say was with Hernandez when the Dorchester amateur football player was executed in North Attleboro on June 17 — has flipped on his friend.

Ortiz, who hails from Hernandez’s hometown of Bristol, Conn., talked to state troopers in Connecticut last week and directed cops to a secret crash pad in Franklin leased by Hernandez, court papers show.

Ortiz will probably get a nice plea deal, and I’d be surprised if he did any time at all for snitching on Hernandez.

“Ortiz did confirm that he was with Aaron Hernandez on the night in question,” state trooper Michael Bates wrote in an affidavit filed in Wrentham District Court. “Ortiz then went on to explain that Hernandez has another address that not many people know about. Ortiz referred to this location as an apartment-style location, commonly referred to as a ‘flop house.’ ”

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