Welterweight Boxer Ed Brown Dies From Gunshot Wound to The Head (Video)

Another tragic and senseless murder has claimed the life of rising boxer, and Chicago native, Ed Brown. Brown, a fast-rising 25-year-old Welterweight prospect, died on Sunday, one day after being shot in the head, manager Cameron Dunkin confirmed to ABC Chicago. "He lost his life at 25 years old for nothing." Dunkin said. "Those people in Chicago shoot you for no reason. It'd be different if he was out there gang banging or running around or dealing drugs. He wasn't doing any of those things. He was such a quiet kid. He was so bashful. You'd never know how tough ... Read More

Broner Sits & Raises Fist During National Anthem in Support of Kaepernick (Video)

I'm just happy the brother is feeling better! Adrien Broner can't take anything serious, which is probably the reason no one paid his National Anthem protest any mind at this event he was at. Broner took to IG to let Colin Kaepernick know he was sitting in support of the 49ers quarterback. Now only if we could take his actions seriously. #kappernick I'm with you A video posted by Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner) on Dec 3, 2016 at 2:12am PST

McGregor’s Agent on Mayweather Fight and Wrestlemania Appearance

The day Conor McGregor gets $100 million to box Floyd Mayweather is probably the day his action career comes to an end. McGregor's agent, Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management, told ESPN's 5ive Rounds podcast on Tuesday that McGregor's camp would be "very interested" in the event, should talks become serious. Well duh, of course an MMA and UFC star would become a boxer for one night to bring home a whopping $100 million purse for the proposed boxing match against Mayweather. "Look, it wasn't something we started, right?" Attar said. "It was something Floyd started and Conor responded in ... Read More

TIDAL Members Find Out How You Can Win Tickets To #KovalevWard

Tidal fans, you too can experience the highly anticipated Light heavyweight showdown for the ages, if you just pay attention. TIDAL -- the global music and entertainment platform -- is giving away a limited number of tickets for subscribers to attend the highly anticipated Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward boxing match in Las Vegas tomorrow night. Subscribers can enter to win tickets here -- while *Non-members can sign up for a complimentary trial here at Tidal.com. The Kovalev vs. Ward ticket giveaway illustrates TIDAL’s commitment to providing subscribers with unique fan experiences. In the past year, the platform has hosted ... Read More

Mayweather on McGregor & UFC Piggybacking Off His Name (Video)

Floyd Mayweather is no dummy, so even though he and UFC star Conor McGregor participates in 2 different combats sports -- it doesn't stop Dana White and company from naming dropping TBE. Mayweather came for McGregor and the UFC again -- this time claiming to be the biggest name in all of MMA. Mayweather was already feeling some type of way about TMZ comparing the UFC star to him -- calling the comparison "disrespectful" -- because he's an elephant and McGregor is an ant. He wasn't done, and Flip The Page To Hear TBE Accuse the UFC of "piggybacking off ... Read More

Conor McGregor Threatens To Quit UFC for Good Unless He Gets This?

I think a lot of UFC stars are intelligent and business savvy, but none have the strangle hold of multi-million dollar leverage like Conor McGregor does over the company. After throttling Eddie Alvarez in the second-round of UFC 205 to win the Lightweight Championship -- McGregor can now combine his Featherweight Championship to become the first simultaneous two-division champ in the history of the UFC. With that type of Leverage and star power, combined with Ronda Rousey's nearing exit, and Jon Jones's inability to get right -- Conor McGregor decided to pull a Mayweather style stunt -- claiming that he ... Read More

Danny Garcia Eyes Showdown with Keith Thurman after Stopping Vargas in the 7th Round

He's heard all of the 'Cherry' jokes, and with Keith Thurman in attendance as a member of the announcing crew for Spike TV's telecast of his bout with Samuel Vargas, Danny Garcia came out laser focused at the Liacouras Center in front of his hometown crowd. Garcia scored a dominant, seventh-round TKO in a non-title fight over Vargas that was criticized from the beginning. The table for #GarciaThurman is now set!! @DannySwift (33-0, 19 KO) stops Samuel Vargas in the 7th round in his hometown on #PBConSpike pic.twitter.com/Kez2fA9h53— PBC (@premierboxing) November 13, 2016 The champion was dominating Vargas with hook ... Read More

Danny Garcia Threatens to F*ck Keith Thurman Up (Video)

Soooo... Can March 4th, 2017 get here already??? #GarciaThurman #FightToTheTop pic.twitter.com/KtYLphpRf5— PBC (@premierboxing) November 13, 2016 Oh I can't wait, and it seems Danny Garcia is tired of being called a Cherry. After stopping Samuel Vargas in the 7th round, Garcia and Keith Thurman started their WWE style hype up, for their epic showdown in March. Obviously agitated by Thurman, Garcia lost his cool, threatening to f*ck Thurman up in the spring.

McGregor Gets Warning From UFC Fighters after Altercation With Tyron Woodley (Video)

I'm all for building up a prefight buzz, but Conor McGregor don't really want those problems with Tyron Woodley. Two fellow UFC stars told TMZ Sports that Woodley would beat McGregor's ass in a showdown. If you were under a rock -- McGregor and Woodley went at it on Friday at the weigh-in, and came face to face later that night. Anthony Pettis and Aljamain Sterling are warning McGregor to think twice. Flip The Page To See The Video:

Dana White on Whether Trump Will Attend UFC 205 (Video)

Dana White is all for pumping up UFC 205, and hinting that the next president may be in attendance, can only hype the card up more. According to TMZ Sports -- the President-elect told Dana White he'd be at UFC 205 if he won the election. I'm not sure it's possible -- but White discussed Trump's tentative plans to attend the fight in NYC. "Donald originally told me he that would come to the fight if he won," White said. "I don't think Donald really realized what his duties were gonna be had he won. I think he's meeting with ... Read More